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Celebrating 20 years !




Recettes gourmandes LGC | Le Guide Cuisine

For 20 fabulous years the Guide Cuisine has been sharing our expert culinary know-how with our loyal readers. With more than 10,000 recipes published since emerging onto Quebec newsstands in 1995, we decided to celebrate the event by presenting a brand new magazine:

  • NEW look
  • NEW logo

You will find more original culinary content:

  • Let’s Talk Numbers
  • Quiz Cuisine et
  • Cucoo Cuisine.

As well as practical ideas to plan your meals :

  • Leftovers: Expres Ideas
  • Menu Suggestions
  • 1 recipe = 2 meals

And always present, a host of inspiring recipes.

The magazine LGC | Le Guide Cuisine has been published by Communication Duocom Inc. for over 20 years now. This magazine has successfully found its niche market and satisfied a demanding but loyal clientele.

LGC is published five times a year in order to take advantage of the four major peak seasons. This strategy assures a longer exposure of the Guide, thus maximizing the impact of the advertisement.
Superior quality of the publication and accurate targeting of its readers enables LGC to maximize the impact the advertiser and the publisher have on the reader.

Editor: Nicolas Vallée
Assistant Editor: Kristine Doucet
Graphic Design: Lacroix O’Connor Lacroix inc.
Printing: Norcob
Publicity: LL Communication


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Communication Duocom is a Quebec based company. All design, production and printing of our magazines are done in Quebec by Quebec companies.

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